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ABOUT Liferiders

Liferiders is based on a simple idea....


....that riding bikes together helps us to feel better 


We know that getting started is the hardest step, so we're here to help


Sociable, supportive and free bike rides every week to help build your physical and mental wellbeing. If life is stressful, or you'd simply like a friendship group, please join us for a free cycle ride along beautiful countryside cycle paths and quieter roads

The big vision is to create a Liferiders cycling community in every town and city across the UK

We help workplaces to build cycling into their Wellbeing Strategy and show stressed-out employees how to regain their mental and physical wellbeing with talks and workshops

Registered charity: 1193499 
About CBAD
Lets Ride

check The ride calendar link below for sunday rides

WEDNESDAY EVENING RIDES: We meet at 6.30pm Indulge Cafe, Hornbeam Park HG2 8QT - please wrap up warm and bring strong lights

SUNDAY AFTERNOON RIDES: We usually enjoy a couple of Sunday rides every month through the Spring & Summer. Please check the weather and consider bringing Waterproofs & Lights PLEASE CHECK THE RIDE CALENDAR ON THE REGISTRATION LINK BELOW 

We have discovered the most pleasant cycle paths and country lanes throughout Harrogate, Knaresborough, Pannal, Spofforth, Follifoot, Wetherby, Ripley and the surrounding towns and villages in this beautiful part of North Yorkshire - and we'll share them with you on these totally FREE bike rides !!


During the dark, wintry evenings we wrap up warm and keep riding (unless icy/snowy) - the adventure and experience of night riding is very special, and brings a real sense of achievement. If you would like to start indoor cycling then we can help you to turn your normal bike into a stationery bike with the addition of a simple contraption called a 'Turbo Trainer'. Contact Us HERE for help and advice.


Weight-loss, fitness, stronger, healthier you - a healthy body is the foundation for a healthy mind


Exercise releases natural happiness chemicals, being present in the moment and leaving the stress behind 


Be the support for others, connect with nature, it's just you, some friends and a sense of liberation and freedom


Build personal pride from achieving something challenging, make new friends and become a part of the team, enjoy the adventure

Q. What do I need to bring ?

A. Just you, wearing the appropriate clothing for the weather, your helmet and a roadworthy bike (plus lights if it's dark). If you don't have a bike or helmet and would like to ride, please Contact Us

Q. How do I book in ? 

A. Simply register here, and you'll be able to see the calendar of forthcoming rides

Q. Does this bike ride cost anything ?

A. Liferiders runs on donations - if you're strapped for cash then it's 100% FREE to ride - if you've enjoyed yourself then £1-£2 would be very much appreciated 

Q. Is it dangerous or difficult ?

A. We like to use the quieter roads and cycle paths whenever possible. We always ride safely and supportively at the pace of the slowest riders. Check your own household / contents / personal insurance policy before riding for cover details. There is no group insurance policy in place.

IMPORTANT: please read the Ts&Cs for 'Ride Social' events HERE All riders take part at their own risk - the organiser can't accept any responsibility for injuries or accidents that occur 



URGENT HELP   Confidential 24/7 helpline (116 123)   Useful A-Z of mental ill health  Useful A-Z of mental ill health   A Sanctuary for the suicidal – Confidential 24/7 telephone & email support (020 7263 7070)   Provide confidential help and advice to young people and anyone worried about a young person (0800 068 41 41)  A mental health crisis hotline for North Yorkshire residents 

Urgent Help

JOIN us for free!!

Please complete our MEMBERSHIP FORM to stay in touch either as a social member or to participate in our rides

Liferiders runs on donations only - no membership fees - so it's free if you need it to be!

We also have a fleet of loan bikes for you to borrow

workplace wellbeing

Increase Productivity
Engaged Employees
Lower Sickness & Absence
More 'Presenteeism'
Lower Labour Turnover Costs

Simon successfully led Operations teams in the fast-paced corporate world for 19 years and has 'lived experience' of stress, midlife crisis, and the cultural changes necessary to engage people in finding mental & physical wellbeing. He shares his experience and learning with organisations through inspirational talks about: Wellbeing, Mastering Mid-Life, Healthy Ways of Living & Leading   

He also founded a Wellbeing & Learning Consultancy specialising in turning organisations into places where people can be at their best. Simon delivers interactive and enjoyable workshops in Workplace  Wellbeing,  Leadership, Teamwork, Communication, Influencing Others, Performance Management, Managing Stress, Resilience and Maximising Personal Energy - he is also an executive coach helping clients to regain clarity and make progress in their careers and lives


As a British Cycling Ride Leader and Hypnotherapist (although not at the same time) Simon has first hand experience in how cycling changes lives. He will help you to build an amazing culture of Wellbeing in your office, school and organisation which will pay for itself many times over in increased productivity AND engagement


Workplace events

Having cycled to work (from Harrogate to Leeds) for many years, covering thousands of miles in the process, Simon has plenty of experience to help you get started.

He loves helping people to ride their bikes more, so you can ask him any question - no matter how small or big.

He'll even help you prepare for commuting by bike - Want to know how to fix a puncture ? Want to know how to adjust your bike so it fits you ? Want to know the safest / easiest routes to your workplace ? Contact Us 

Here's a handy guide to help you get started



What bike should I get ?
What kit do I need ?
What route options are there ?
Who can help me get started ?

* The legal bit: please note that all advice is given in good faith and Simon can't be held liable for anything that goes wrong as a result of the advice he has provided. He's not insured for that. 

Bike 2 Work Helper

Want something to keep you occupied around the Christmas

holidays (and maybe burn off some of those surplus calories ;)

Try our Christmas Challenge - ride 100 miles in 4 weeks!

Here's an inspirational story about how cycling helped to overcome depression

If there seem to be barriers stopping you, maybe this article can help - we'd love to see you !

If you need a little more convincing to join us for a ride, this background information may just do it !

This blog has lots of tips to aid positive thinking, based on the work of Positive Psychologist Martin Seligman

Here's some helpful tips from Mind about how to overcome the barriers, and the benefits of using our bodies to heal our minds

This TEDTalk from Amy Cuddy is one of my favourites - it shows how our bodies can change our minds !!

Here's an article showing the researched link between cycling and positive mental health

Want to know how to use the power of Cycling to make your organisation a brilliant place to work ?

If cycling isn't your thing maybe you'd like a kick-around with some like minded footballers ?



Blogs & Resources

Here's a blog from one of our Liferiders. Jules shares her inspirational story of how cycling helped her to regain a sense of adventure, friendship and wellbeing that meant she was better able to manage PTSD, agoraphobia and depression



Prefer to ride your bike indoors?
Too cold & wet & busy on the roads?
Want a cheap way to turn your normal bike into a stationary bike?

Liferiders was founded on one mission - to bring the magic of cycling to everyone - because riding bikes helps us to feel better


After some serious heart troubles earlier this year, Bob suggested to his Living Well helper (Jen) that he'd like to try cycling. After fixing up his bike and attaching it to a turbo trainer (a contraption that turns a normal bike into a stationary bike), Bob discovered that he couldn't quite manage to swing his leg over the saddle, so he opted to start with an exercise bike (much easier to mount and dismount).


I sourced this one from Facebook for a bargain and set it up for him (fully sanitised). He just needed a bit of support and advice to start feeling the magic!! 


Thanks for becoming our first 121 Liferider Bob - from the comfort of your own home!! Contact Us if you know someone who would like help setting up an indoor bike.

NB. If you've had a serious health condition please seek medical advice and consent before engaging in activities like cycling 


what's new for 2023

Cycling has become even more popular during Lockdown, and the Liferiders membership has grown too ! 

No Bike ??  No Problem !!

We have amassed a fleet of 10 easy-to-pedal and roadworthy bikes available for anyone to use! (Ts & Cs apply)

You just need to source your helmet (maybe lights) and you're all set to join us for a gentle sociable bike ride - use the contact form below to find out more

Liferiders has also become a fully fledged Charity organisation (CIO), enabling us to apply for donations and funds to encourage more people to start enjoying all of the wellbeing benefits from riding bikes together

Contact Us

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We'd love to hear from you

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