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Please read Bob's story below, and then imagine if you would like to enjoy a similar experience to Bob. 

At 10 o'clock on Tuesday mornings, Bob looks forward to his indoor cycling group. It gives him the chance to connect with friends, have a natter and listen to great music - plus he feels better in himself afterwards. Bob has lived on his own for 4 years now, since his wife passed away, and especially during the Covid19 pandemic hasn't got out much to see friends. His son has set him up with Zoom, which is a way of seeing everyone's faces on the screen of his iPad, so Bob has to make-do with seeing his loved ones on the screen instead of in-person. Bob's beloved sisters live many miles away, and he'd love to spend more time with them - maybe one day!


Bob had a few heart troubles last year, and now his doctor has advised that some gentle exercise would help Bob's physical and mental wellbeing.


Bob has some visitors each day - the nurses, and local support groups who drop in from time to time.


Bob loves music from the 50's  - Elvis, Little Richard, Bobby Darin, The Chordettes - he's still got the original vinyl records and enjoys reminiscing about the good old days

Bob always enjoyed cycling in his youth, so he asked Jen, his support worker, to contact Liferiders, which is a local community cycling project. Simon from Liferiders came round and helped to set Bob up on an exercise bike. There were 3 different types to choose from:


A couple of times a week, Bob clicks on his iPad link and joins a Zoom call, where he meets up with his friends, Ken, Neil and even on occasion, his sisters. They have a chat, ride their exercise bikes together, and listen to the greatest hits from their favourite era - the 1950s - the birthplace of rock n roll ! There is even a little quiz during the ride to keep Bob's brain exercised too. Bob and his friends check that each other are feeling ok throughout the ride.

Bob has been keeping an eye on the digital screen of his bike, and he is secretly quite pleased with the distance he has ridden - 25 miles in one month from the comfort of his own dining room! When he reaches the 50 mile mark, Liferiders will make a donation to his favourite charity. He is feeling younger, fitter and happier than than he has felt in years. 

Please now imagine whether you would like to join an online cycling group from the comfort of your own home. Seeing friends on screen, having a chat, enjoying the music, answering a few quiz questions from your favourite era, having a gentle pedal (nothing too strenuous!)  


Please answer the questionnaire below, to help us develop this project further:  



Liferiders Generation


Liferiders Generation is an exciting new project aimed at bringing friendship, 

music, fun and a little exercise to senior age groups

We would like to gauge your interest, and capture your thoughts, to ensure that this project meets your needs

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